Dansk dating Læsø

Nyord is an important habitat for geese, ducks and other wading birds.

There is a bird-watching tower for the use of visitors.

The central span is supported by cables from two 95 m (312 ft) pylons which raise the bridge 26 metres (85 ft) above sea level.

The bridge was completed in 1984 and forms part of Euroroute E47 from Copenhagen (and Helsingborg) to Lübeck (and thence Hamburg and the south).

The annual "Stege Festival" takes place every Tuesday in July, and the first Tuesday in August.Møn is connected to Zealand at the town of Kalvehave by the Queen Alexandrine Bridge.The bridge opened for traffic on May 30, 1943, and is named after Queen Alexandrine, the Queen Consort of King Christian X.Møn is located just off the south-eastern tip of Zealand from which it is separated by the waters of the Hølen strait between Kalvehave and the island of Nyord, at the northern end of Møn. At the narrowest point between the two islands, the waters are referred to as Wolf Strait (Ulvsund), which is the primary strait separating Møn from Zealand.To the southwest is Stubbekøbing on the island of Falster, which is separated from Møn by the Grønsund (Green Strait).

Dansk dating Læsø

It belongs to the Region Sjælland ("Zealand Region").Møn is one of Denmark's most popular destinations for tourists with its white chalk cliffs, countryside, sandy beaches and the market town of Stege.The chalk was transported to Møn during the fourth, and most recent, major ice age. dansk dating Læsø-59dansk dating Læsø-14 Another attraction close to the cliffs is Liselund, the romantic summer residence erected in the 1790s by French nobleman Antoine de Bosc de la Calmette for his wife, Lise.From Bogø another causeway connects to the small island of Farø, which acts as the centre point for the Farø Bridges carrying the motorway between Zealand and Falster.

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The north Farø bridge has a span of 1.5 km (1 mi), the south bridge a span of 1.7 km (1 mi) with a 290-metre-long (950 ft) central span for shipping.At the north-western tip of Møn there is a narrow bridge to the small island of Nyord.Stege, the largest town on the island of Møn, is situated approximately at the centre point of the island at the mouth of Stege Nor, a lake which connects directly to the sea. The town has a great deal of charm with historic buildings, a marina and several restaurants and cafes.The miniature thatched palace and grounds were designed by Andreas Kirkerup, one of the foremost landscape architects of the times.A larger house was constructed in the park in 1887 by Baron Fritz Rosenkrantz, which is now a hotel.

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